Publish Date : 2023-08-04
Last Modified : 2024-03-25

(U165)8Servos Unit

8-Channel Servo Driver Unit (STM32F030)


8Servos Unit is an advanced 8-channel servo driver unit designed to elevate your servo control experience. With its cutting-edge features and reliable performance, this unit is perfect for various applications such as servo control, robot control, and intelligent toys.The 8Servos Unit leverages the power of the STM32F030F4 master control, ensuring precise generation of multiple PWM signals for servo drive. Through seamless communication via I2C (addr: 0x25), this unit seamlessly integrates with your M5 host, unlocking a world of possibilities.Equipped with a built-in total power MOSTUBE switch circuit, the 8Servos Unit supports programming dynamic control of motor release/lock functions. This feature provides enhanced flexibility and control over your servo operations.Additionally, the unit incorporates a total current acquisition circuit, enabling you to monitor and track the total circuit parameters with ease. Stay informed about the power consumption and optimize your servo system accordingly.The 8Servos Unit is designed with convenience in mind, offering two sets of power inputs. It supports a wide voltage range of 9-24V or 5V, providing flexibility and compatibility with various power sources.