Publish Date : 2022-10-21
Last Modified : 2024-03-25


Flashlight Unit


FlashLight unit is an I/O Unit that incorporates a built-in flash with a white LED and an AW3641 driver. The white LED has a color temperature ranging from 5000K to 5700K, providing a cool white light output. The unit is designed to offer versatile functionality, allowing it to be used for both flash and constant lighting applications.The board of the FlashLight Unit features a mode selection switch, which enables users to set the desired mode of operation. In the flash mode, the unit can be triggered to produce a short burst of bright light, suitable for capturing photos or providing additional illumination in low-light conditions. In the constant lighting mode, the unit can provide a steady and continuous light source, serving as a versatile lighting solution.The communication interface of FlashLight Unit is GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output), which allows for straightforward integration with other devices or microcontrollers. This simplifies the process of controlling and coordinating the unit’s operation within a larger system.With its compact design and flexible operation modes, FlashLight unit can be utilized in various applications. It is commonly used in photography and imaging equipment, where a flash is required for capturing high-quality images. Additionally, its constant lighting mode makes it suitable for applications such as handheld torches, portable lighting devices, or any scenario where a reliable and adjustable light source is needed.Overall, FlashLight UNIT offers a convenient and adaptable solution for both flash and lighting applications, providing users with control over their desired lighting modes and enabling them to integrate it seamlessly into their projects.