Publish Date : 2022-09-16
Last Modified : 2024-03-25


USB TypeC2Grove Unit


TypeC2Grove Unit is a Grove hub unit designed with a USB Type-C 5V DC input. It is powered through a USB-C port, providing a convenient and standardized power source. The unit features three channels, each serving a specific function.The first channel serves as a signal input, allowing for the connection of external devices or sensors. This channel enables the TypeC2Grove Unit to receive signals and data from other units or devices.The second and third channels are dedicated to power and signal output. These channels supply 5V DC power to external units or devices that require it. Additionally, they can transmit signals or data to other units or devices, facilitating seamless integration within a larger system.TypeC2Grove Unit is particularly useful for units or devices that rely on external 5V DC power. By offering a USB Type-C 5V DC input, it provides a standardized and convenient power solution for such devices.