Publish Date : 2021-11-01
Last Modified : 2024-03-25


LCD Unit 1.14'' 135 × 240 Pixels Display


LCD Unit is a 1.14-inch color LCD expansion screen unit designed for displaying simple content as a display panel. It features a resolution of 135x240 pixels and utilizes the ST7789V2 drive scheme. The LCD Unit supports RGB666 display, allowing for the representation of 262,144 colors.The unit incorporates an ESP32-PICO control core internally, which comes with built-in firmware. This integration simplifies the development process for display-related functionalities. The ESP32-PICO provides control and management of the LCD Unit, as well as support for firmware upgrades. Communication with the unit is achieved through the I2C interface, with the specified address for control being 0x3E.The back of the LCD screen features a magnetic design, enabling easy and secure fixation on metal surfaces. This design provides convenience when integrating the LCD Unit into various instruments or control devices.LCD Unit is suitable for embedding in a wide range of applications where a compact and simple display panel is required. It can be utilized in instruments, control devices, and other systems that need to present basic information or visual feedback.