Publish Date : 2021-11-01
Last Modified : 2024-03-25


Zigbee Unit (CC2630F128) with Antenna


Zigbee Unit is a Zigbee ad hoc network communication module developed by M5Stack. It is designed to enable Zigbee communication in various applications. The module utilizes the CC2630F128 solution, which integrates the Zigbee protocol stack internally.Zigbee Unit features a serial communication interface, allowing for easy integration with other devices and systems. It also includes an integrated external antenna, which enhances the signal transmission and reception capabilities of the module. With a stable communication distance of up to 1km for single nodes and a router depth of 200 levels, the module provides reliable and extended communication coverage.Zigbee Unit utilizes the MESH networking mode, enabling the extension of IoT applications over a wide area. This networking mode allows for the creation of a Zigbee network that can support hundreds of nodes. The module operates with ultra-low power consumption and high sensitivity, making it suitable for energy-efficient applications.The Zigbee network offers enhanced security features, ensuring secure and reliable communication between devices. It provides a robust and interoperable solution for home and building automation applications, enabling seamless integration and control of various IoT devices.