Publish Date : 2022-11-25
Last Modified : 2024-03-25


CO2L Unit with Temperature and Humidity Sensor (SCD41)


CO2L unit is a digital air CO2 concentration detection unit designed for accurate measurement of CO2 levels in ambient air. It features a single-measurement low-power mode, making it energy-efficient. The unit incorporates Sensirion’s SCD41 sensor, known for its reliability and precision in measuring CO2 concentration, as well as built-in power buck circuitry for efficient power management.The communication protocol used by the CO2L unit is I2C, allowing easy integration with other devices and microcontrollers. This enables seamless data transfer and retrieval of CO2 concentration, ambient temperature, and humidity measurements.With its high accuracy, CO2L unit is capable of measuring CO2 concentrations within a range of 400 ppm to 5000 ppm. The typical accuracy for CO2 measurements is ± (40 ppm + 5% reading), ensuring reliable and precise data. Additionally, it can simultaneously measure and provide data on ambient temperature and humidity, providing a comprehensive understanding of the air’s environmental conditions.CO2L unit is suitable for a variety of applications where monitoring and maintaining optimal air quality is important. It can be used in indoor environments such as offices, homes, schools, and public spaces to ensure proper ventilation and promote healthier living conditions. Additionally, it finds utility in industrial settings where monitoring CO2 levels is crucial for safety and compliance purposes.