Publish Date : 2021-11-01
Last Modified : 2024-03-25


Watering Unit with Mositure Sensor and Pump


Watering unit is a capacitive soil moisture detection and adjustment unit designed for intelligent plant breeding scenarios. It combines a water pump with measuring plates for soil moisture detection and water control. This product enables easy humidity detection and irrigation control for plants.The unit utilizes capacitive soil moisture detection technology. The measurement electrode plate is designed in a capacitive manner, which offers advantages over resistive electrode plates. Capacitive designs are more effective in preventing electrode plate corrosion during actual use. This helps ensure the longevity and accuracy of the soil moisture detection capability.The Watering unit integrates a water pump, allowing for automatic irrigation control based on the detected soil moisture levels. By measuring the capacitance of the soil through the electrode plates, the unit can determine the moisture content in the soil. When the moisture level falls below a certain threshold, the water pump is activated to provide irrigation and maintain optimal soil moisture for plant growth.This capacitive soil moisture detection and adjustment unit is particularly useful in intelligent plant breeding scenarios. It enables automated monitoring and control of soil moisture levels, ensuring plants receive appropriate irrigation based on their specific needs. This helps promote healthy plant growth and efficient water usage.