Publish Date : 2021-11-01
Last Modified : 2024-03-25


4-Relay Unit


4-Relay  Unit is a unit that integrates four relays and is controlled via the I2C interface. Each relay is capable of controlling voltages up to AC-250V/DC-28V, with a rated current of 10A and the ability to withstand an instantaneous current of up to 16A. Each relay can be controlled separately and there is a programmable status LED for each relay.4 relay unit provides a convenient solution for controlling multiple electrical devices or circuits. With four independent relays, each relay can be controlled individually, allowing different devices or circuits to be activated or deactivated as required. Programmable status LEDs provide visual feedback on the current status of each relay, making it easy to determine whether a relay is on or off.The unit can be connected to a microcontroller or other I2C compatible devices for control. The I2C interface can be used to send commands to the 4-Relay unit to control the state of each relay. This allows flexible and versatile control of various electrical loads or circuits in applications such as home automation, industrial automation or robotics.