Publish Date : 2021-11-01
Last Modified : 2024-03-25


Extend Serial I/O Unit (PCA9554PW)


EXT.IO is a parallel port expander designed to provide additional I/O capabilities for projects. It integrates the PCA9554PW IO expander chip, which supports expansion up to 8 GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) pins. EXT.IO can be used with a VCC voltage range of 2.3V to 5.5V and supports various operations such as open-drain, pull-up, and interrupt output.By utilizing the I2C interface (Serial Clock - SCL and Serial Data - SDA), EXT.IO enables easy I/O expansion for most microcontrollers. It is particularly useful for developers who are dealing with limited I/O pins on their microcontroller and want to avoid the need for additional controllers or wasting resources.EXT.IO serves as a valuable auxiliary unit, providing a simple and efficient solution for expanding I/O capabilities without the need for extensive hardware modifications or additional development efforts.