Publish Date : 2024-03-15
Last Modified : 2024-03-25


Programmable Power Supply Module 13.2


PPS Module 13.2 is a programmable power supply module. This module employs STEP-DOWN buck technology, supports a wide DC 9-36V input voltage, and integrates an STM32 control processor and AD8418 high-resolution current amplifier. Through high-precision closed-loop control, it achieves a rated output power of 100W (peak 150W) with high-precision current and voltage output, capable of delivering 0.5~30V/0~5A, with a read-back accuracy of ±30mV/5mA. Additionally, the module incorporates isolation chips CA-IS3020S and B0505S-1WR3, providing electrical isolation for both the power supply and the communication bus. The output interface uses standard 4MM banana plug sockets, with a positive and negative pole spacing of 19mm. Each module is calibrated for full-range accuracy before leaving the factory, and users will need to separately purchase a compatible DC power adapter. This module is suitable for use in scientific research experiments, industrial automation, embedded system development, and DIY projects requiring an adjustable power supply.