Publish Date : 2023-05-26
Last Modified : 2023-11-21

(M133)AIN4-20mA Module 13.2

4-Channel Analog to 12C 13.2 Module 4-20mA Input(ST32G030)


AIN4-20mA Module 13.2 is a quad-channel 4~20mA current analog acquisition module. It adopts the STM32G030F6 main control chip and a dedicated acquisition chip with isolation to communicate with the M5 host for i2c communication. Supports switching to internally or externally powered wiring via jumper caps. On-board power isolation chip and built-in op amp circuitry accurately measure external current sensors and ensure signal accuracy and system safety. In terms of power supply, the DC-JACK interface and the corresponding DC-DC boost circuit can provide power to the entire device. ‘Suitable for power system equipment monitoring, motor control, energy management and automation, and industrial process control’.