Publish Date : 2023-04-28
Last Modified : 2023-11-21

(M039-V11)Stepmotor Driver Module13.2 v1.1

Stepmotor Driver Module v1.1 (HR8825)


Stepmotor Driver Module 13.2 V1.1 is a stepper motor driver adapted to M5 main control, using STM32+HR8825 stepper motor drive scheme, providing 3-way bipolar stepper motor control interface. After stacking the driver with the M5 main controller, the ESP32 internal signal of the main control directly connects to the driver chip, which can realize independent control or multi-axis motor linkage. The module integrates STM32F030F4P6 chip as IO expansion, provides 4 sets of input signal terminals, 1 set of driver chip enable control, through I2C communication, can control and monitor the reset and status of the driver chip, can be used for external limit switch, motor brake function. The module contains 3 pads to control the ‘subdivision mode of 3 sets of stepper motors to realize the subdivision adjustment of stepper motors. The integrated PWR485 communication interface (RS485 + 9-24V power input) and DC-JACK can be used for communication and the power supply mode will be more flexible. Support UIFlow graphical programming, the signal output can be easily configured, and the stepper motor can be controlled more precisely. This module is suitable for a variety of stepper motor motion control scenarios, such as printers, robotic arms, etc.


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