Publish Date : 2023-03-03
Last Modified : 2024-03-25


M5StickCPLUS Speaker 2 Hat (MAX98357)


HAT-SPK2 is a speaker designed specifically for the M5SticKC PLUS platform. It features a built-in MAX98357 digital audio I2S amplifier IC and a 1W speaker, providing high-quality audio output. The speaker supports audio input with a sample rate ranging from 16-bit, 32kHz to 192kHz, ensuring excellent audio reproduction.HAT-SPK2 is equipped with built-in short circuit protection, which safeguards the speaker and the connected devices in case of a short circuit. Additionally, it includes over-temperature protection, preventing overheating and ensuring safe operation even during extended use.This speaker module is suitable for a wide range of audio applications. Whether you’re building a portable music player, a sound effects generator, or any other project that requires clear and amplified audio output, the HAT-SPK2 provides a reliable and convenient solution.