Publish Date : 2021-11-01
Last Modified : 2024-03-25


M5StickC PIR Hat (AS312)


PIR HAT is a human body infrared sensor compatible with M5SticKC. It is a passive infrared detector that detects infrared radiation emitted or reflected by a human body or objects. When it detects infrared radiation, it outputs a high level signal and initiates a delay for a certain period of time (during which it maintains a high level and allows for repeated triggering) until the triggering signal disappears (returns to a low level).PIR HAT provides a convenient way to detect human presence or movement in various applications. It is commonly used in security systems, occupancy sensing, automation, and other projects where detecting human activity is important. By detecting changes in the infrared radiation pattern, the PIR HAT can trigger actions or events in response to human presence, such as turning on lights, activating alarms, or initiating other automated processes.The passive nature of the PIR HAT means that it does not emit any radiation itself but relies on detecting changes in the infrared radiation in its surroundings. This makes it an energy-efficient and reliable sensor for human presence detection.