Publish Date : 2021-11-01
Last Modified : 2024-03-25


M5StickC ENV Hat III (SHT30/QMP6988)


ENV III HAT is a multifunctional environmental sensor module designed to be compatible with the M5StickC series. It integrates two sensors, namely the SHT30 and QMP6988, to provide temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure data.The SHT30 sensor, with an I2C address of 0x44, is a high-precision, low-power digital temperature and humidity sensor. It offers accurate measurements of temperature and humidity, making it suitable for applications that require reliable environmental monitoring.The QMP6988 sensor, with an I2C address of 0x56, is an absolute air pressure sensor specifically designed for mobile applications. It provides highly accurate atmospheric pressure readings, enabling precise measurements of barometric pressure changes.By combining the SHT30 and QMP6988 sensors, the ENV III HAT offers a comprehensive set of environmental data, including temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure. This makes it a versatile choice for projects that require rapid collection and detection of environmental information.