Publish Date : 2022-01-06
Last Modified : 2024-03-25

(K117)ATOM U

AtomU ESP32 Development Kit with USB-A


ATOM U is a compact and low-power consumption speech recognition IoT development kit. Powered by an ESP32 chipset, it features two low-power Xtensa 32-bit LX6 microprocessors with a main frequency of up to 240MHz. With its built-in USB-A interface, IR emitter, and programmable RGB LED, ATOM U offers a versatile and user-friendly development experience.ATOM U is designed for plug-and-play convenience, making program uploading and downloading a breeze. It integrates Wi-Fi connectivity and a high-quality digital microphone (SPM1423, PDM) for clear sound recording. This makes it perfectly suited for Human-Machine Interaction (HMI) and Speech-to-Text (STT) applications.With ATOM U, you can take advantage of the UIFlow graphical programming platform, enabling scripting-free development and seamless cloud integration. It is fully compatible with popular development platforms such as Arduino, MicroPython, and ESP32-IDF, allowing you to quickly build a wide range of applications.ATOM U offers high integration with various components, including a USB-A port for programming and power supply, an IR emitter, programmable RGB LED (x1), and a button (x1). Its finely tuned RF circuit ensures stable and reliable wireless communication. Furthermore, ATOM U provides strong expandability, giving you easy access to M5Stack’s comprehensive hardware and software system. This opens up endless possibilities for building innovative IoT solutions and exploring new horizons in the world of embedded development.