Publish Date : 2022-01-21
Last Modified : 2024-03-25


(EOL)M5Paper ESP32 Development Kit COMM Edition


M5Paper COMM it’s a Commemorative Edition device with a touchable E-ink display from M5Stack, Powered by ESP32. The front side is embedded with a 540*960 @4.7" resolution e-ink screen which supports 16-level gray scale. The display is a GT911 capacitive touch screen, which supports multi-Point touch and a variety of gesture controls. Compared to a regular LCD, E-ink displays are easier on the eyes, which makes them a great choice for reading or viewing for longer period. Other benefits are the low power consumption, and the ability to retain the image even if power to the display is terminated. Integrated into the M5Paper are a multi-function button for operation, SHT30 temperature and moisture sensor, physical button for reset, and a TF-card (microSD) port for data storage.