Publish Date : 2023-11-10
Last Modified : 2024-01-15

(A014-D)M5GO3 Bottom

M5GO Battery Bottom3 (for CoreS3 only)


As the third generation of M5GO Bottom, M5GO3 Bottom is tailored for M5CoreS3. This model not only integrates functions such as infrared transmission LED, 500mAh lithium battery, and RGB lights but also is compatible with LEGO bricks, providing more possibilities for CoreS3 applications.M5GO3 Bottom base has two sets of HY2.0-4P expansion interfaces, which bring out commonly used ADC/DAC/UART pins, making it convenient for various types of sensors to be connected. Whether it’s temperature, humidity, light, or other types of sensors, users can easily connect them to the base.The bottom of the base adopts pogo pin magnetic charging interface. When attached to the charging base, the current will safely flow into the internal battery through the built-in TP4057 charging chip, providing charging function for the base. In addition, the pogo pin interface also extends the main control I2C bus, making it convenient for external expansion through magnetic adsorption.M5GO3 Bottom base also has built-in magnetic absorption and is designed with LEGO-compatible holes on the back, which means it can seamlessly connect with other LEGO structural designs, enabling more creative shapes. On both sides of the M5GO3 Bottom base, there are 10 programmable RGB lights (SK6812), combined with frosted light-shielding strips, creating a soft and comfortable lighting effect. Users can control the brightness and color of these lights through programming, adding more fun to their projects.