Publish Date : 2023-06-16
Last Modified : 2024-03-25


Din Base with 500mAh Battery


Introducing DinBase: The Ultimate DinRail-Compatible Base for M5CoreCompact and Versatile: The DinBase is a compact “5x5cm” series base specially designed for easy installation on DinRail systems. It provides a convenient and secure mounting solution for your M5Core devices, allowing for seamless integration into industrial environments.Flexible Power Options: With a built-in 500mAh lithium battery, the DinBase ensures uninterrupted operation even in the absence of a power source. Additionally, it supports external DC power input (9~24V), providing flexibility in power supply options. The on-board power physical switch allows for complete shutdown of both external power and the battery, conserving energy and maximizing efficiency.Enhanced Connectivity: The DinBase features reserved Port B and Port C interfaces, expanding the connectivity options for your M5Core devices. This enables easy integration with additional modules and peripherals, enhancing the functionality and versatility of your setup.Easy Installation: The DinBase is designed with convenience in mind. It features Lego mounting holes on the lower side, allowing for effortless fixing and customization. The bottom of the base supports standard 35mm Dinrails, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of rail systems. Additionally, four plug-in ears are provided, offering multiple fixing methods to suit your specific needs.DIY-Friendly: The DinBase is equipped with a number of proto pads on the internal PCB, providing ample space for DIY projects and customization. This allows you to easily create and integrate your own circuits and components, unleashing your creativity and expanding the capabilities of your M5Core devices.Experience the seamless integration and enhanced functionality of the DinBase. With its DinRail compatibility, versatile power options, and DIY-friendly design, it transforms your M5Core devices into powerful tools for industrial applications and beyond.