Publish Date : 2023-04-21
Last Modified : 2023-11-21


M5Stack DMX Base


DMX-Base is a functional base specially designed for DMX-512 data transmission scenarios, communicating and enabling control with M5 host through serial port, equipped with XLR-5 and XLR-3 male and female interfaces, convenient for users to connect DMX devices with different interfaces, in addition, the module has HT3.96 pitch 485 interface to facilitate connection to Expansion 485 devices. The communication signal adopts high-speed optocoupler isolation, and the power supply adopts a special isolated power module; Two independent RS-485circuits can be used to transmit and receive DMX data, and two independent or parallel operation can be selected through the internal double-throw switch, and the DC-JACK interface and the corresponding DC-DC circuit can provide power to the entire equipment. This product is suitable for stage lighting control, sound equipment control, landscape lighting control and color lighting control.