Publish Date : 2021-11-01
Last Modified : 2024-03-25

(M037)CoreInk PROTO BASE

CoreInk Proto Base


CoreInk Proto Base is a DIY expansion kit designed for use with the CoreInk master control board. It allows you to expand the functionality of the CoreInk board by stacking the expansion board on top of it. The IO bus on the CoreInk main control is led out to the PROTO board through the lower PIN pin, providing access to the various I/O pins of the CoreInk board.The PROTO board included in the package allows you to design and build your own circuits according to your specific needs. You can solder various expansion parts to the PROTO board, such as the HY2.0-4P female terminal, 3.96 male/female terminal, DC power terminal, and more. These parts enable you to add standard specifications to your circuit design and provide additional output interfaces.CoreInk Proto Base features a hook hole on the back, allowing you to easily hang or mount the DIY product in various structures. Additionally, the board is designed with LEGO-compatible holes on the corners, enabling you to integrate the finished DIY product into LEGO structures or other compatible building systems.