Publish Date : 2021-11-01
Last Modified : 2024-03-25


Atom DTU LoRaWAN Kit 868MHz (ASR6501)


ATOM DTU LoRaWAN868 Kit is a programmable data transmission unit (DTU) designed for LoRaWAN applications operating at the 868MHz frequency. It utilizes the ASR6501 scheme, which provides long-distance communication, ultra-low power consumption, and high sensitivity.The module integrates the LoRaWAN protocol stack, making it compatible with LoRaWAN networks. It communicates with other devices using a serial communication interface and is controlled using an AT command set. This allows for easy configuration and control of the module’s functionality. ATOM DTU LoRaWAN868 Unit can serve as a collection node, enabling data collection and management by connecting to a network of gateways. It is capable of accessing multiple gateways for improved coverage and connectivity.To enhance communication quality and signal stability, the module integrates an SMA external antenna interface. This allows for the connection of an external antenna, improving the range and reliability of the device’s wireless communication.Unlike traditional DTUs that typically only support data transparent transmission, the ATOM DTU series adopts a more open architecture design. The ATOM LITE controller provides programmability, allowing users to modify the program according to their specific business requirements. The module also offers various interfaces such as RS485, I2C, and custom interfaces for easy expansion and integration with sensors and actuators.ATOM DTU LoRaWAN868 features a guide rail clamping structure, making it suitable for embedding in various industrial control sites. Its compact design and cost-effectiveness make it an ideal solution for small data collection nodes in industrial applications.