Publish Date : 2021-11-01
Last Modified : 2024-03-25


Atom DTU NB-IoT Kit Global version (SIM7020G)


ATOM DTU NB Kit is a programmable data transmission unit (DTU) that specifically integrates NB-IoT communication capabilities. It is designed to provide reliable and efficient connectivity for various low-latency and low-throughput application scenarios, such as remote control, asset tracking, remote monitoring, remote medical treatment, and shared bicycles.The DTU incorporates the SIM7020G module, which supports most of the Cat-NB frequency bands for NB-IoT communication. This allows for wide coverage and compatibility with NB-IoT networks. The module also features an SMA external antenna interface, which helps enhance communication quality and signal stability by allowing the connection of an external antenna.Unlike traditional DTUs that typically support only data transparent transmission, the ATOM DTU series adopts an open architecture design. The ATOM LITE controller enables program modification according to specific business requirements, providing flexibility and customization options. The module includes various interfaces such as RS485, I2C, and custom interfaces, allowing for convenient expansion and integration of sensors and actuators.ATOM DTU NB is designed to be embedded in industrial control sites and features a self-contained guide rail clamping structure. This design ensures easy installation and integration into various industrial environments.