Publish Date : 2021-11-01
Last Modified : 2024-03-25




ATOM CAN is a CAN bus communication kit designed for various applications that require reliable and efficient data communication over a CAN bus. It utilizes the CA-IS3050G transceiver solution, which includes a built-in DC-DC isolation power chip. This isolation power chip effectively isolates interference and protects sensitive circuits from damage.The CAN bus supported by ATOM CAN can accommodate up to 110 nodes, allowing for the connection of multiple devices within a network. The kit supports a signal transmission rate of up to 1Mbps, enabling fast and efficient data transfer.ATOM CAN kit is equipped with various electrical line protection functions, ensuring the robustness and reliability of the communication system. These protection functions safeguard the unit and other connected devices against electrical disturbances, such as voltage spikes and electromagnetic interference.This kit is particularly well-suited for application scenarios in the fields of in-vehicle transportation and security systems. In-vehicle transportation systems often rely on the CAN bus for interconnecting various electronic control units within a vehicle. ATOM CAN provides a reliable and secure communication platform for these systems. Similarly, security systems that require communication between different components can benefit from ATOM CAN’s capabilities.