Publish Date : 2021-11-01
Last Modified : 2024-03-25

(K052)ATOM PoE

ATOM PoE Kit with W5500 (HY601742E)


ATOM PoE is an Ethernet accessory designed for the M5Stack Atom series of devices. It supports PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology, which allows the device to receive power directly through a PoE hub or switch, eliminating the need for a separate power supply. This feature helps reduce overall setup costs and simplifies the installation process.The ATOM PoE accessory is equipped with a built-in PoE module, which efficiently supplies power to the entire device using the PoE infrastructure. This eliminates the need for additional power cables and adapters, making it a convenient solution for powering your M5 Atom devices.In terms of networking capabilities, the ATOM PoE includes a built-in W5500 Ethernet controller. This controller integrates a TCP/IP protocol stack and provides 8 independent hardware sockets, enabling simultaneous communication with multiple devices or services. The Ethernet data link layer (MAC) and physical layer (PHY) support 10/100M Ethernet, ensuring reliable and fast network connectivity.With the ATOM PoE, your embedded systems can easily connect to wired networks and meet the network access requirements in various production environments. It provides a reliable and convenient solution for integrating M5 Atom devices into your existing network infrastructure.