Publish Date : 2021-11-01
Last Modified : 2024-03-25


ATOM H-Bridge Driver Kit (DRV8876)


ATOM HDriver is an H-bridge motor driver accessory specifically designed for the M5Atom series. It incorporates the DRV8876 motor driver chip, which provides robust motor control capabilities.The ATOM HDriver supports a voltage input range of 9-24V DC. The inline DC/DC circuit supplies power to the entire device. The ADC pin G33 is directly connected to a voltage divider circuit, allowing you to monitor the power input level in real-time.With a current output of 1.5A (maximum 2A), the ATOM HDriver is suitable for DC motor speed regulation and control in various applications. The N-channel H-bridge design enables both forward and reverse motor control, allowing you to easily change the motor’s rotational direction.The driver integrates several essential features for motor control. It includes a charge pump regulator to generate the necessary voltage levels for driving the motor. Current detection and regulation circuits ensure precise control of the motor’s current, preventing excessive current draw or damage.The ATOM HDriver also provides current proportional output, allowing for feedback control of the motor’s speed or position. This feature enhances the precision and stability of motor control applications.To ensure safe operation, the driver includes various protection circuits. These circuits provide protection against power supply under voltage lockout (UVLO), charge pump undervoltage (CPUV), output overcurrent (OCP), and device over-temperature (TSD) conditions. The FAULT pin can indicate fault conditions, providing an indication of any issues that may occur during motor operation.