Publish Date : 2023-03-03
Last Modified : 2024-03-25


ATOM 2D/1D Barcode Scanner Kit v1.1


ATOM QR-CODE is a module designed for barcode and QR code scanning, specifically compatible with the M5Atom platform. It consists of two parts: the M5Atom Lite unit and the code scanning module. This module provides comprehensive support for various barcode and QR code formats, including 6 types of 2D codes and 19 types of 1D codes.Equipped with a built-in lighting LED, the ATOM QR-CODE module ensures reliable code identification even in low-light or dark environments. The green LED serves as a convenient focusing and aiming aid. The high-resolution CMOS imaging technology enables precise code recognition with an effective accuracy of up to 5mil. The module offers multiple reading modes, allowing for automatic continuous trigger or manual trigger based on specific requirements. It incorporates a buzzer for different prompt sound effects to indicate various states and operations.Additionally, the ATOM QR-CODE module supports various customization options, such as adding custom prefixes/suffixes to the scanned data, defining multi-national keyboard layouts, and data editing functions. It utilizes TTL-232 for communication, enabling easy data transmission through a serial port. The module seamlessly integrates with Arduino or UIFlow programming environments, facilitating straightforward integration into your projects.By connecting the module to the M5Atom Lite unit, you can send the scanned data to a receiver for further processing via wired or wireless connections. Benefit from the versatility and convenience of the ATOM QR-CODE module in barcode and QR code scanning applications.