Publish Date : 2021-11-01
Last Modified : 2024-03-25

(K040)Atom Fly[EOL]

(EOL)Atom Fly(Non pre-programmed)


ATOM FLY is a programmable mini quadcopter that utilizes M5ATOM as its core. The AtomFLY is suitable for flying indoors. The PCB also acts as the quadcopter frame with the motors embedded in the PCB to minimize the take-off weight. The frame has an X-shaped layout for more flexible control. The frame is also equipped with a barometer, three-axis accelerometer and gyroscope (IMU)for height setting and attitude maintenance. AtomFLY is also equipped with ToF (Time of Flight) for automatic landing and obstacle avoidance. There is an LED power indicator on the frame, and the quadcopter is powered by an external 200mAh lithium battery. (NOTE: There is no pre-programmed factory firmware) AtomFLY is intended as a quadcopter dev kit and users need to write their own firmware in order to control it.