Publish Date : 2023-11-10
Last Modified : 2024-01-15

(A132)Atomic Stepmotor Base

ATOMIC Stepmotor Base (DRV8825)


Atomic Stepmotor Base is the standalone version of the ATOM Stepmotor, designed for users who already have an ATOM series controller and can directly purchase the base for use. This base is equipped with a high-performance DRV8825 driver chip, which can be used to drive stepper motors. By adjusting the variable resistor, it can provide a maximum driving capability of 1.2A, providing stable and powerful power for the stepper motor. In addition, the chip in the base has built-in overcurrent protection to ensure the safe operation of the motor and base.Atomic Stepmotor Base also features a convenient DIP switch, allowing users to flexibly adjust the subdivision of the stepper motor and freely choose the motor’s motion precision and control effect according to project requirements.Furthermore, the base has a built-in DC-DC chip, which can be powered by an external power supply for the entire system. When using a stepper motor, an external power supply (9-18V) is required to ensure stable and reliable driving. This makes Atomic Stepmotor Base widely applicable in various fields, including 3D printers, CNC machines, robots, automation equipment, and camera gimbals.