Publish Date : 2021-11-01
Last Modified : 2024-03-25


ATOM Mate Adapter DIY Expansion Kit


ATOM MATE is a DIY expansion kit specifically designed for the ATOM series. The kit includes three types of accessories.AtomPin: It is a pin breakout board that allows you to access the pins on the bottom of the ATOM board. With the specially designed bracket, you can easily secure the ATOM board without obstructing the use of the pins. The pin breakout board features perforations around the edges, allowing users to break it apart according to their specific needs. AtomPin makes it easier to build circuits on a breadboard or prototype board.AtomHat: This is an adapter board designed to be compatible with the M5StickC Hat series products. If you already have HAT accessories, you can directly use them with AtomHat, increasing the reusability of your products. The AtomHat has cross-shaped holes at the bottom, making it convenient to connect and secure with building blocks or other components.AtomMount: This is a specialized building block accessory designed to securely mount the ATOM board. It only requires a single screw to connect the ATOM board with other building blocks, enabling you to integrate the ATOM board seamlessly into your projects.