Publish Date : 2023-07-14
Last Modified : 2023-11-21

(U078-V-M12)UNIT-V M12

UnitV K210 AI Camera M12 Version (OV7740)


Introducing the UNIT-V M12 AI Camera - the ultimate embedded solution for machine vision enthusiasts and professionals alike. This powerful camera unit combines cutting-edge technology with compact design to deliver exceptional performance in a wide range of applications.Equipped with an M12 lens and powered by the advanced K210 processor, the UNIT-V M12 offers unparalleled processing capabilities. Its dual-core 64-bit RISC-V CPU and neural network processor edge computing system-on-chip ensure efficient and lightning-fast operations, enabling seamless execution of complex algorithms.The camera unit features an OV7740 wide-angle camera module with an M12 optical lens, providing versatility for different imaging requirements. Users have the freedom to replace the lens with other M12 options, allowing for customized imaging solutions. Additionally, the UNIT-V M12 boasts two programmable buttons and a TF card expansion slot, providing convenient control and ample storage capacity.Designed for seamless integration, the UNIT-V M12 comes equipped with an HY2.0-4P interface and a TYPE-C interface, enabling effortless data connection to the controller. Its compact form factor makes it suitable for embedding in various devices, while its machine vision processing capabilities enable a wide range of image recognition tasks. From real-time acquisition of target size and coordinates to identifying object types, this camera excels at delivering accurate and actionable data.One of the standout features of the UNIT-V M12 is its ability to perform convolutional neural network calculations. This empowers users with a low-threshold machine vision solution, making it accessible to both beginners and experts in the field.Unlock the potential of machine vision with the UNIT-V M12 AI Camera. Its compact size, powerful processing capabilities, and versatile functionality make it the go-to choice for professionals and enthusiasts seeking high-performance imaging solutions. Order now and experience the future of embedded machine vision!