Publish Date : 2023-06-30
Last Modified : 2024-03-25


M5StampS3 BreakOut


Introducing the StampS3Breakout board, the perfect expansion board designed exclusively for the M5StampS3. This versatile board simplifies connectivity by converting the M5StampS3’s 1.27mm pitch pin to a standard 2.54mm pitch, making it effortless to connect with other devices.Equipped with a convenient 2.54mm pitch 4-pin Grove port, the StampS3Breakout board provides easy access to other M5 Units, expanding your project possibilities. With two tact switches connected to the G0 and EN pins, you have seamless control over power and reset functions.The board is designed with reserved fixing holes, allowing users to securely install it in their desired applications. Whether you’re prototyping, expanding your M5Stack projects, or working on embedded system development, the StampS3Breakout board is the ideal companion.