Last Modified : 2023-08-22

GFX Library for Arduino

GFX Library for Arduino

Arduino_GFX is a GFX library for various color displays with various data bus interfaces

Arduino_GFX is a Arduino graphics library. Currently support GC9A01 round display, GC9106, GC9107, HX8347C, HX8347D, HX8352C, HX8357A, HX8357B, HX8369A, ILI6122, ILI9225, ILI9331, ILI9341, ILI9342(M5Stack, ESP32-S3-BOX), ILI9481, ILI9486, ILI9488, ILI9806, JBT6K71, NT35310, NT35510, NT39125, NV3041A, OTM8009A, R61529, RM67162, SEPS525, SSD1283A, SSD1331, SSD1351, ST7735, ST7789, ST7796 and virtually all Raspberry Pi DPI (RGB) display. Tested RGB display: GC9503V, ILI6485, ST7262, ST7701. Currently support software SPI (8-bit and 9-bit), hardware SPI (8-bit, ESP32 also support 9-bit), 8-bit parallel interface(AVR, ESP32, RPi Pico, RTL8720, STM32), 16-bit parallel interface(ESP32 and RPi Pico) and RGB Panel interface(ESP32S3).


lib_deps = 
  moononournation/GFX Library for Arduino